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电视剧夏家三姐妹|超声波捕画眉鸟Marotta smell speech zheng, immediately understand the real meaning of lyu3 bu4, can not help laughing out loud, to lyu3 bu4 smile: "master, forgive Confucianism straight.""Unless..." Marotta looked at lyu3 bu4, face also become a little dignified."Oh?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at the giffin's face, stretched out his hand to take the letterhead, hurriedly looked at it again.

"Pata-da ~" Cao Caoshou bamboo paper fell on the table, distracted looking at xun yu: "so fast.""Add in the slightly wounded brothers, and there are 1,087 who can fight." Lieutenant hesitated, looked at Gao Shundao: "general, let's withdraw, hold up to now, it is not easy, master also won't blame us.""Master is not curious what cao cao sent?" Marotta laughed.电视剧夏家三姐妹|"Happy?" Lyu3 bu4 shook his head: "Korea hence this is a broken arm to survive, if he continues to divide the troops in Hanyang, our army can gradually nibble away at his troops, to maintain the war, constantly grow themselves."

电视剧夏家三姐妹|Lyu3 bu4 name, in the central plains may not be popular, but in the grasslands, even hostile xianbei, the huns, mentioned lyu3 bu4 name, also want to awe call a fly general, of course, this is more than a decade ago, lyu3 bu4 is bing, put it now, remember lyu3 bu4 name after all not many people."Lyu3 bu4?" Yang Qiu dazed, shook his head and said: "There is no news, according to the report, lyu3 bu4 this period of time has been a long time not to go to the west general mansion, changan everything, is managed by the Chen palace.""Master!" Outside, xun yu hurried in, heavy to cao cao see ceremony.

"Sound!" D look gloomy almost fled back to the west cool army, if not fire also blocked the line of the defenders, I'm afraid at the moment is not just fled so simple.Suddenly change let call kitchen spring heart panic, since become khan, has not been on the battlefield for a long time, he, at this time, issued a nearly stupid command-retreat!"Yes." Yang Xi was lyu3 bu4 look at a fiercely in the heart, hurriedly nodded, This march, Naturally, it can't be that simple, to sustain a war by war, In addition to surrender west cool army, Is also to split under the qiang, the white water qiang, led by cioffi, will be divided again, and at the same time will cioffi and north palace apart, reduce cioffi in broken qiang prestige and influence, and then step by step to expand their influence, to the end, the qiang will become their own army, no one can snatch away.电视剧夏家三姐妹|




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