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少年梁祝插曲回收人造革Wei Yanwen speech, the corner of his mouth twitched, This is due to information inequalities, Zhuge liang mastered the world intelligence, from the whole situation of jingzhou and shu, even jiangdong, and zhuge liang only focus on shu, information asymmetry, grasp the key points are different, pang tong to destroy the vitality of jingzhou army, and zhuge liang is to attack the city as soon as possible, take shu to lay a stable rear for liu bei."Cheng general can recognize this thing?" The man wrapped in his cloak interrupted Cheng Fang directly and flashed a token in his hand at Cheng Fang....

Chapter one hundred and twenty waves hard to pull"Die!" Tardif see guan yu potential poor force solitary, also so fierce and brave, cold in the heart, step back, bow and arrow, will shoot guan yu.Just if you don't go in, before the clamor so fierce, but now back off, that is too humiliating.少年梁祝插曲War is rhythm, once his rhythm is led by the other party, that is not far from the defeat, guan yu south conquest north war for so many years, theory of military strategy, also can be counted as the world's famous, or the top batch, he is going to take jiangdong, rather than a Yinling county seat.

少年梁祝插曲Chapter one hundred and eleven cao cao's attitudeChengdu has 30,000 garrison troops and 3,000 elite Guanzhong left behind by Wei Yan. Want to take advantage of the chaos in shu, persuade these families is only the first step, and the second part, is to use these families, to persuade the original shu in chengdu garrison, zhang ren, ling bract, deng xian these surrendered shu generals were taken away by pang tong, and responsible for the command of the thirty thousand garrison, is a title of generals in ancient times brought by lu zheng tong wang shuang shuang shuang shuang."Xie general exemption!" Wang Shuang waved, behind the five hundred guanzhong elite quickly scattered, will be around to occupy.

"Woo ~""They're inviting us to fight." Sitting in his chair, Zhuge Liang shook his feather fan and smiled. "This is an invitation to give up our geographical advantage and fight against the enemy.""In that case, my little nephew is willing to take orders from his uncle." Xie Yun finally gritted his teeth and promised.少年梁祝插曲




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