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李世石憾负后喝到烂醉|湖州艺术与设计Could it be a trap? Pound didn't care. What if it was a trap? He had plenty of human shields to explore the camp."The adviser rest assured, su will not be entrusted!" Ma Susu after a ceremony, leave away."Liu zhang and do not know, sent to chengdu to urge food, I will set out immediately, should be able to and halfway up, get supplies, plus zhuoyang, li ying!

"The veteran yan yan." Deng xian replied."What if, I say what if... "Wei yan thought about the wording, but did not know what to say."But an old soldier has such skills." Wei yan complexion is a su, looking at the other side of the horse and soldier to stop, the corners of the mouth pick up a smile: "over there teach me to look at the famous general of shu, after all how!"李世石憾负后喝到烂醉|Waiting for cao cao to get the news here, I'm afraid it will be tomorrow, although it is not a brilliant strategy, but it can always add a little bit of nausea to both sides, will also look away from the owner.

李世石憾负后喝到烂醉|"Wait, he can't go! I've been waiting... < / p > < p > people see liu zhang was so taken away, and did not care about their meaning, how this line, a scholar with ding want to stop liu zhang frame."This...... "Meng da shook his head, some disdain in the heart, looking at liu zhang road:" the Lord know, why the champion hou will be loved by the people?What a ferocious woman.

This battle, difficult to hit, the yan yan would produce calm again after zhuge liang to get back in the account, and county maps, not from get wry smile together, the three men, any one, are tough, let alone three people together, can smoothly under the attack of shudu thought, but only to let zhuge liang has a headache, in his plan, strategy in the shu, at most two years, two years must take shu, but at the moment, no matter the counsellor, generals and soldiers not dominant, even if the various ge is bright, also some puzzled now."Your excellency liu, the Lord has ordered that when your order arrives, you should set off immediately. At the end of the day, a team of hussars will be sent to escort you back to luoyang. If there is nothing else, please pick up your bags and get ready for the journey." Broad sea in pang tong's introduction, looking at liu zhang, shen sheng way.When the news of zhou yu's death came to jianye, sun quan sat in his chair, looking at the document in front of him.李世石憾负后喝到烂醉|




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