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都市品香录合集拱门出租"First in the countryside, not too advanced knowledge, just need to teach young children to read and write for three years, and then qualified, can enter the county institutions of learning, if you can learn, then set up a county school, by some big Confucianism, county school graduate, can come to changan to participate in the examination, if you can pass, then go to the local practice. Lyu3 bu4 laughed, this is probably to imitate later generations of the education system, first primary school, then secondary school, university.Half a day's journey, far away has been able to see the reflection of the moon lake light, santa narrowed his eyes, chest is heavy depressed hum 1, this time, must let the moon lake pay the price, let them know, who is the owner of this land.Crunch ~

"Liang Hsing, if you're a man, come out and fight me straight, don't follow the example of that daughter!" D loudly drink a way."Clatter ~" "clatter ~"Look at the direction of cao peng left, zhang both ugly, but this is not the most important, his side of the people look more ugly, zhang can clearly feel around the xinfeng soldiers emitted anger.都市品香录合集D stood up, sink a track: "since the tetrarch ordered you for marshal, there is no less general in the army, only general d."

都市品香录合集Is also wei careless, in order to avoid being seen through, the whole camp, only a few torches flashing in the weak light, but let zhong yao see the flaw at a glance.Although each soldier in front of d is basically killed, but ultimately it takes time, d's speed, was slowed down a lot, gradually by the surge of Korea hence army fighters."Over there." Qiang decadent pointed to burn when the old king's camp.

"You..." D look flushed, hate hate waiting for zhou cang."You..." D look flushed, hate hate waiting for zhou cang."Camp robbery?" D frown way: "Korea hence quite well art of war, the camp is heavily guarded, not before a certain did not want to rob the camp, but is defeated."都市品香录合集




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