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张根硕 rain|兰冠清爽露"This is the seal of the king." Liu bei raised the ribbon and looked at the crowd and said."Shi yuan, how can you be so leisurely?" Hanzhong, wei yan a face not resistant rushed in, only to see pang tong is depend on a chaise longue, no image on the left leg on the table, right leg on his left leg, a hand holding a book, a little hand pick the nostrils, along with a hip flask, very nice, wei said, suddenly a head of black line, is a family son, is it always this alternative, pang tong's performance to involve perhaps is because of this, he can get along with lu bu?Alliance, sometimes really unreliable!

"Crunch ~""Ling bao is now in chengdu, with 30,000 troops to help. Is this strength not enough?" "Zhang song didn't understand.And milan for the benefits of his focus only on the rule of law itself, but itself does not comply with the meaning, the liu sons also through, but neglected, even ran to tell the people will be tidy up, the beginning, really can bring a lot of interest for milan at the same time also can suppress family, but milan to reputation destroyed with not one bit, and not just for family, so, same to the people on both sides thankless, typical imitation.张根硕 rain|"General, what fire is this? I can't see how the crossbow was completely destroyed!" A lieutenant kicks the wheels of the crossbow and looks at pound in surprise. Though the crossbow is black, the frame of the crossbow has not been destroyed.

张根硕 rain|"Ha-ha, not too well known. Come here, xuande gong. Cao cao took liu bei's arm and said, "surrounded by all the people, he entered the tent and pointed to them." I would like to introduce Lord xuande to you."Kill ~"This have to thank lyu3 bu4, if ten years ago, such a big casualties, the army had already began to collapse, but a good soldier of lyu3 bu4 ideas of his own army, also affect other governors, in this regard, cao cao to the construction of army will grasp the tight, the fighting capacity, single is the will to fight, if in ten years ago, Cao Caore has an army of three hundred thousand so determined, absolute can sweep the world, unfortunately, move easily, when arrived today, such forces, in the face of the guanzhong Katherine, also can become cannon fodder.

A shaft pierced his throat, and the soldier's eyes suddenly wandered.Some people directly took water and poured it over the fire to extinguish it.The arrows in the crossbow were shot continuously, and the wooden javelin made them unstable after thirty paces, but they did not need to be accurate, only to have a general direction.张根硕 rain|




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