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毒吻狼王爹地|绿瘦多少钱"Forget it." Wei yan looks at pang tong to eat the facial expression of the person, shan shan of way: "that wish you early success!""Where is the Lord now?" Zhang ren stood up and asked quietly."Then find an excuse to kill him and save him an eyesore every day."

The party slowed down, watched, and approached the camp, which was built on a hillside. The closer they got, the more the smell of blood grew in the air, which even ordinary people could smell.Valuable porcelain the intimate contact with the ground, since the pang tong with military forces suddenly appeared in the chengdu plain of that day of, this is I don't know what is milan crashing into a porcelain, under the town hall, chengdu officials all here, this time, milan exceptionally diligent, almost every day summoned the minister came to negotiate to break the enemy's policy, only one although arrived, but the responder there, even now be returned to the relieving ling bract, rarely make any noise.This liu zhang after all built how many evil? Actually let officers and soldiers of the central shu to their own this foreign people did not reject, but to express goodwill!毒吻狼王爹地|

毒吻狼王爹地|"I admire you, general, but... "Wang tired's second son raised his head at this moment and looked at zhang ren seriously." you have no way, and your officials abandoned it. Now liu zhang is fatally stupid, and he is in the art of tyranny. Hope general think twice! General d liu is not the first, nor is he the last You'll never finish!""Take it! Let out a sharp groan of cold"You see to it, I don't care, but don't overdo it. Pang tong shook his head, thinking of his confused was pulled to lu bu chariot by jia xu, the heart could not help but a burst of putty slanting.

You should know that lv meng was zhou yu's confidant, and zhou yu died at the hands of zhuge liang. Even though there were many secrets, they could not be told on the surface, and people in jiangdong would not believe it."Men may see only I master back your family land, but not see, I master in recovery of these at the same time, but also for family opened up a new trade routes, the silk road of what interests you also heard, as long as there is enough strength, are feasible, the silk road, protected by our army, the official master, if you have any family can get more preferential tax policies, unified thought, the only one, is enough to diminish lost their land cause losses to you."毒吻狼王爹地|




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