特污的小说 你下面都流水了|

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特污的小说 你下面都流水了|山图酒业Chang 'an, mount hussars.Guo jia and xun yu looked at each other, but see cao cao this moment."How dare a man kill my brother! < / p > < p > a roar, not to talk to zhang liao, the sentence has rushed out, a strong bow in the hand of the bow will be shot at han rong, he and wudang followed lv bu across the grasslands in the past, had formed a deep friendship, now see wudang killed, suddenly angry.

< / p > < p > yuan shao's things, zhang he knew but did not stop, watching yuan shao die in ignorance, these days, for zhang he, is a suffering, for the interests of the powerful hebei family, he knew it was disloyal, chose to remain silent, he did not want to bear the guilt for a lifetime.Which is further forced him or take refuge in lyu3 bu4 giants group, now accepted that equals with lyu3 bu4, standing in the opposite of a family, if you don't accept or accepted as, then don't strange why tianshui ginger home hit in the future, lyu3 bu4 standard of choose and employ persons is very clear, almighty high, unable to prove their abilities, want your he2 yong4?'miss? < / p > < p > gao shun and wei yan hurriedly stood up, surprised at the door, lu lingqi is almost gao shun looked at grow up, her voice will not be strange, just don't know how lu lingqi will appear here?特污的小说 你下面都流水了|He snatched the lance out of the hand of a soldier, and without looking at it, threw it at the fool, and it came roaring out, as fast as a bow and arrow, but in an instant it had penetrated his breast in the astonished eyes of the general.

特污的小说 你下面都流水了|Fortunately, yuan shang side there will be Great Wall in the high table, the army retreat, the city on guard against sneak attack, so the nearest to the team after the soldiers resist madai, high table is brandished gun rate against lv bu army."My soldiers in jingzhou are not used to the northern climate. If this situation continues, it will happen again and again. < / p > < p > a line of people came to the soldiers, looking at the dead bodies of several soldiers, CAI MAO frowning at liu bei, if not liu bei stopped, refused to retreat, it could not have happened.Originally, he had just died, his brother, in the heart of grief, you came out of nowhere a noisy, but also on the merit of pride, speech is extremely harsh, mo said xu chu such a rash man, is the hall of cao cao these people listen to some fire, but can not say what.

'Sir! Liu bei was really distressed, ran about for most of his life, only to meet such a brilliant strategist, so was the following inexplicable throw up an axe to get lost."What's the difference between waiting outside?" Zhang fei could not help but smell the words angry way.For the moment, both in lyu3 bu4 of military forces and cao cao, lombardi restrained, are still at the stage of a test for our each other, zhang he to pound in HuGuan played a few games, as holds the sea after the past, large-scale battle between the two sides almost didn't appear, lombardi tabled in the high force surprise after failure, quite a few minutes of meaning, is hilo-systems area, really hard.特污的小说 你下面都流水了|




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