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陶老师 黄尚武|康宝网是正品吗"Well!" A group of soldiers excitedly began to clean up the battlefield."Eldest brother, little younger brother is incompetent, tired the three armies are damaged, nearly ten thousand children and children are defeated, the consiglists give us dozens of crossbow wagons were all burned down, little younger brother originally have no face to see big brother, but he commit suicide, not true husband, is to come back to apologize, please big brother hair. Guan yu knelt on the ground and said in a muffled voice."Liu bei! In cao cao's account, the anger in his chest could not be repressed at last, so he clapped his hands on the table. Liu bei had thrown out such a wang Yin, which almost destroyed cao cao.

Lv bu sat on his seat, looking at his busy, feel good, as for zhuge liang, when hearing the news at that time, lu bu really some heart disorder, but now has been adjusted."There are only 3,000 of them. Lv bu reminds way.Is that zhou yu are calculated for an important reason of sun-style speakers, jiangdong is too small to hold too much the commander in chief, but a commander in chief, hand the relieving, defeat is good, if the battles, it is easy to suspicion by sun quan, over the years, zhou yu want to hit jiangdong, but failed, is there are external factors, but also, jiangdong interior, is an important factor in Taipei week yu.陶老师 黄尚武|Huang zhong stare, his most taboo is that others say he is old, at the moment in succession make oneself taboo, at the moment sneer, stand out, look at sun yi way: "little baby out, your father died early, I don't blame you, you come over, grandpa teach you to be a man.

陶老师 黄尚武|Gao shun is not easy now, cao cao is also in strong support, now see is cao cao himself can not bear to retreat first, or gao shunxian can not keep the breach of the city pass."So say, article long feel that zhang ren how?" Pang tong did not answer directly, but asked rhetorically: "or, even if the war started, how certain is wen chang to defeat zhang ren?"Don't say don't know zhuge liang is what thing, even if he is really genius genius, how possible so short time, cover so many master level craftsman years of efforts?

Jiangdong, chai sang."Well!" The military order was so heavy that lv meng could only nod his head in agreement. However, he was still unwilling to say, "the governor should not take risks personally. At the end, he would like to go on behalf of the governor."In that year, nanyang was emptied by lv bu, one million immigrants, but caused a huge response, during that time, including under the rule of lv bu, no one did not scold lv bu, make nanyang for several years no one is willing to take office, left enough space for liu bei to follow lv bu, but jingzhou is different.陶老师 黄尚武|




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